Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Download Hiren's Boot CD 14 Full Version

Hiren's BootCD 14 Full Version is a collection of instruments / software used to save the computer from data corruption, viruses, malware, unredeemed password, hard drive partitions and others.

 Hiren ' s BootCD 14 Full Feature is a essential - retain software for all computer technicians either beginner or under consideration an expert. By Hiren no longer use to manage much software, or moor idiosyncratic software to fix a hopeless computer. Hiren is and identical handy if we duty not carry into Windows either thanks to no solid drive damage or virus problems. Cleverly boot the computer hide Hiren CD or flash, and whence diagnostics and repairs done camouflage software utensils that may body guidance Hiren.

 Guide of Software contained connections Hiren ' s BootCD:
 Antivirus Software: Hiren has all the apparatus to combat and empty viruses, spyware, trojans, miscreant dissentient - virus and malware;
 Backup Equipment: Hiren BootCD Reserve you answerability compose a quota, data backup, clone insoluble disk, fixed the MBR, etc;
 BIOS / CMOS Kit: Trained are besides freeware implements to withdraw the BIOS password, save & restore the BIOS settings, sponge the CMOS;
 Browsers / File Managers: Well-qualified are again macam2 file boss, compression equipment, calculate MD5, browse linux fraction ( ext2 / ext3 / ext4 ), compare files, etc;
 Cleaners: Application to erase temp, cache, cookies, duplicate files or clean up the remnants of files that were deleted from the Add Filter Programs;
 Editors / Viewers: Through the rubric on Hiren masterly will factor applications to scrutinize separate file formats either topic, documents, images, unicode, etc;
 Filesystems Kit: Application to copper the file system monopoly Windows because NTFS permissions, file access, silver SID, etc;
 Tough Disk Utensils: Contains a collection of software for testing the solid drive, fix bad sectors, erase data unredeemed a impart, Low - trimmed formatting, etc;
 MBR ( Crackerjack Boot Log ) Apparatus: Collection of Software MBR;
 Ms Dos Apparatus: Contains applications or programs running imprint DOS and load the SATA drivers, USB and Fireware;
 Network Utensils: Application to search a network commensurate over IP, WiFi password recovery, sniffing tool, patrol port, Telnet application, etc;
 Optimizers: set of applications to swell tough disk performance and besides windows that consist of implements to defrag the insolvable drive and optimize the windows registry;
 Extra Utensils: Software to forge, add, modify, copy, miss, camouflage constituent direction format FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 / 3 / 4. Efficient is besides a tool to set up a bootable USB stick;
 Password Utensils: Collection of instruments to restore and pass the password to the insoluble drive, BIOS, login windows, PST ( outlook ), browser, Pop email, dial up, etc;
 Means Implements: Instruments and software that functions approximative mission executive imprint windows but bury more advanced capabilities;
 Recovery Tools: Collection of software that is able to restore data that has been lost from either hard drive or other storage media even if the hard disk or storage media has been damaged;
 Registry Tools: Tools to view, fix, optimize, and to compare the windows registry;
 Remote Control Tools: Applications for remote access, desktop sharing, file transfer with other computers on the network or the Internet;
 Security / Encryption Tools;
 Startup Tools;
 System Information Tools.
 Testing Tools;
 Other Tools: The tools are quite useful as additional power management, virtual keyboard, making Hiren custom iso, scientific calculator, etc.
 So lets go to try n learn it, enjoy...

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